Designer Mirrors


Our designer Nadejda have a great experience to design individual mirrors by existing interiors and customer preferences. We may offer you a great design concept special for your requirements. Send us a picture of your interiors or arrange a meeting with our specialist. 

Color Mirrors


A color mirror is a regular clear mirror applied to 3/16" thick color glass. This mirror is used in commercial building but sometimes interior designers use it for great modern homes like a decorative wall or kitchen backsplash.

Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors have a special chemical treatment before mirroring to give them the look of old fashion mirrors or very old mirrors. The treatment is strong and do not change the texture in future. We have two different types of antique mirror, prefabricated, that comes on 1/8" thick glass and custom mirrors that can be applied to any kind of glass.

Gym Mirrors


Gym mirrors are slightly different from others because they are big and near high activity area. We install in gyms 1/4 thick mirrors that is stronger than the 3/16 or 1/8 thick mirrors; we glue it to the wall in a special mode to avoid falling of cracked pieces of glass in case of broken mirrors.

A frameless mirror is a mirror cut by custom size and glued to the wall with mirror mastic. The advantage of this method is a fusion effect of the covered surface. Usually, we install frameless mirrors on columns, walls, bar elevations and other. The large variation of use and the accessible price made it one of the most popular mirrors at the moment.

Frameless Clear Mirror

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