If you have any issues with your shower door, glass staircase, stainless steel, glass door or other architectural glass, our specialist may can identify the problem and offer you solution right in place.  We have spare pieces for most popular glass hardware what may be a easy way to fix it. 


Glass installation are very strong and resistant in time material, if you use it properly and maintain it as is need, glass structure may survive hundreds of years. We recommend to  made a survey of glass installation ones in 3 years or then you see vibration of glass, untied bolts, fallen gaskets or any suspicion of something wrong.

Glass transportation required special equipment and skills, and you should not do that by your self, especially with big glass panels.

To handle the glass we use special suction cups that support more than 150lb/each. The glass truck is equipped with glass rack for small and big glass panels.



From start to finish, our glazers and experienced master installers will be on the job and work towards getting your glass installed as efficiently as possible. Our installers are prompt, courteous, and will respect your home. From installing a custom dining room glass tabletop to installing a pet door in your sliding glass door, we can help with any and all installations.


We can design architectural glass or glass construction by your requirements. Our design is based on real experience from the site, engineering skills, and modern technology. We start with measurements in place and discussion with the client if not have a detailed scope of the worksheet. After, we make a detailed design and technical solution with basic 3d visualization. When the design is approved, we made a detailed design for construction and fabrication, obtain permits if required. It does not matter how big or small is the work, from tabletops and glass shelf to glass storefront and commercial pool fence, we made a detail digital drawing for more accuracy and better result.


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